Take Control of Your Email. 
Transactional emails are the most valued emails your customer recieve - make them the best they can be!  
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Email template management
Iterate/Optimize without deploying code
Easily set up A/B testing and drip campaigns
Database integration available - no more CSV pulls
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Testimonials from real clients
"Sendwithus and Mailgun give me everything I need to quickly create, test, and monitor every aspect of my email campaigns; from AB testing and drip campaigns, to domain performance and deliverability. Their customer service is also incredibly responsive, it's like having an entire team of email experts in our office." 
Sofie Graham, BuildZoom
"Sendwithus is providing exactly the type of solutions I was looking for, with great support."
Alon Schwartz, Director at Intuit
"A huge productivity tool for me and my team!"
Orla, Global Localisation Project Manager at Adroll
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