Stay Out of the Penalty Box:

Email Deliverability with
SendGrid + Sendwithus

Wednesday, November 30th at 10am PST

About the Webinar

You spend lots of time, effort, and budget making great emails - but very few people will see your campaigns if you have a bad sending reputation.  

Luke Martinez, deliverability expert from SendGrid, will share insider knowledge to  stay on the "good" reputation list. After you master how to land in the inbox, Kelly Kenney, marketer at Sendwithus, will review ways to try new content and tactics while keeping deliverability in check.

A Few Highlights
9 most important email engagement metrics for sending reputation
Top 4 expectations for senders 
How to use A/B testing to try new things without impacting deliverability

Date: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Time: 10am PST / 1pm EST

Duration: 45 Minutes 

Bummer, this webinar has
already occurred. 
You missed this Webinar but we have recapped the content and posted the video on our blog.  

About the Hosts

Luke Martinez
Luke is a software developer with a passion for solving tough problems. He's been tasked with building tools that automate and simplify the work of SendGrid's compliance and delivery teams.
Kelly Kenney
Kelly is Marketing Manager for Sendwithus  where she spends her day planning campaigns, writing  kick-ass blog posts,  and webinars to help businesses send awesome email. 
Will you send us a recording of the Webinar?
Yes! Shortly after the webinar is over we will be sending all registrants a recording of the webinar.
Can I ask questions?
Yes! We will have a Q&A session at the end of the webinar in which we'll answer any open questions.
I'm not a customer. Can I attend?
Yes! The webinar is open to everyone and, as always, is completely free.
Is it OK if I'm late?
Yes of course! Even if you can't attend the entire webinar, you're more than welcome to come for as much time as you can.